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Grape Variety: Grenache blanc

Variety Name Grenache blanc
TTB Approved Name(s) Garnacha blanca (Grenache blanc)
Common Synonyms Garnacha blanca, Grenache blanc
All Synonyms Alicant belyi, Alicante blanca, Belan, Belon, Bernacha blanca, Feher Grenache, Garnacha, Garnacha blanca, Garnacho blanco, Garnatxa, Garnatxa blanca, Gkrenas Mplan, Grenache blanc, Grenache white, Grehas bijeli, Grenash Beli, Grenash Belyi, Grenash Bjal, Lladanor blanca, Lladoner blanco, Rool Grenache, Silla blanc, Sillina lanc
Species Vitis vinifera
Comments Garnacha blanca (Grenache blanc) is the white mutation of Garnacha tinta (Grenache noir) and has identical foliage. It is thought to be native to the Barcelona and Tarragona region of Spain. The primary name for this variety in Europe is Garnacha blanca because of the Spanish origin. The variety is known in France as Grenache blanc. The TTB has approved both names for use on wine labels in the United States.

Grenache blanc Selections available from FPS

  Grenache blanc 01.1
Registration Status Provisional
Protocol 2010 Qualifies for Protocol 2010. (This selection planted in Russell Ranch)
Source France via Tablas Creek Vineyards, Paso Robles, California
Treatments Microshoot tip tissue culture therapy
Comments This material was originally imported to the United States from France in the 1980's through the quarantine program at Cornell University in Geneva, New York. Tablas Creek Vineyards of Paso Robles, California, donated the original material to the public grapevine collection at Foundation Plant Services in 2010, after which it underwent microshoot tip tissue culture therapy in 2012. Grenache blanc FPS 01.1 qualified for the Russell Ranch Foundation Vineyard in 2017.

  Grenache blanc 141.1 (proprietary)
Registration Status Provisional
Source Grenache blanc ENTAV-INRA® 141.1
Treatments Microshoot tip tissue culture therapy
Proprietary Proprietary- cannot be distributed without written permission from owner: ENTAV-IFV
Patented / Proprietary Proprietary
Comments This proprietary selection was imported to the United States in 2013 by ENTAV-INRA, the entity that manages the distribution of trademarked French clonal material. The material is official French clone 141, which originated from the department of Aude in the Languedoc region of south-central France. The selection underwent microshoot tip tissue culture therapy at FPS in 2014 and qualified for the Russell Ranch Foundation Vineyard in 2018.