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FPS Grape Registry: Grapevine Varieties

Foundation Plant Services (FPS) has an extensive and diverse grapevine collection with 619 varieties used for wine, food, juices, raisins and rootstock. Each selection planted in the foundation vineyard has undergone a rigorous disease-testing protocol and, in most cases, professional identification.

FPS names its public grapevine selections with variety names most commonly used by the grapevine nursery trade and sources offering the grapes to grape growers and other interested parties in the United States. You will see synonym names in the profile for each grape variety below. Some of those synonyms may have been used historically by growers and winemakers in other countries or regions, even though not technically correct by today's advanced identification technologies. The synonym list is designed to guide your search in light of those historical traditions.

The grape variety profiles also include detail such as species, country of origin, pedigree (if known), uses, berry color and TTB-approved name. References to source information for the data allow you to explore your grape variety of interest in further detail, should you wish to do that.

To locate a particular wine, table, raisin, or juice variety or grape rootstock, please click on the first letter of the variety name or below on the entire name. You will see a complete list and description of the available FPS selections for each variety under the variety profile. The description reveals key facts about each selection such as its origin and year of arrival at FPS. There is an indication of whether the selection is included in the Russell Ranch Foundation vineyard.


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  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Abrusco Black Wine  
Adreuli Skelkana White Wine P2010
Affenthaler Black Wine P2010
Ag Aldere White Wine, table grape P2010
Ag Kurdashi White Table P2010
Agiorgitiko Black Wine P2010
Aglianico Black Wine P2010
Airén white Wine  
Akhmetis Tsiteli Black Wine P2010
Albariño White Wine P2010
Albillo Mayor White Table,Wine P2010
Albillo Real White Table,Wine P2010
Alden Black Raisin,Table,Wine  
Aleatico Black Wine  
Alexandrouli Black Wine P2010
Alfrocheiro Black Wine P2010
Ali Shaitan White Table P2010
Alicante Bouschet Black Wine P2010
Aligoté White Wine  
Almeria White Raisin,Table,Wine  
Alvarelhão Black Wine P2010
Alvarinho White Wine P2010
Ansonica White Table,Wine P2010
Apple Grape White with pink... Table P2010
Arabeuli Shavi Black Wine P2010
Aramon Black Wine, table  
Arandell Black Wine P2010
Arinarnoa Black Wine  
Arinto White Wine P2010
Arneis White Wine  
Arnsburger White Wine  
Aromella White Wine P2010
Arvine White Wine P2010
Asgari White Table P2010
Askeri White Raisin,Table,Wine P2010
Assýrtiko White Wine P2010
Athiri White Wine, table P2010
Aurore White to pink Wine P2010
Autumn Black Black Table  
Autumn King White Table P2010
Autumn Royal Black Table P2010
Autumn Seedless White Table P2010
Auxerrois White Wine  
Avgoustiatis Black Wine P2010
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Babić Black Wine P2010
Babica Black Wine P2010
Baco blanc White Wine  
Baco noir Black Wine P2010
Bandi Table P2010
Barbaroux Rose Wine P2010
Barbera Black Wine P2010
Barlinka Black Table,Wine  
Barreto P2010
Bayan Sira Table P2010
Bazaleturi Tsolikouri White Wine P2010
Beauty Seedless Black Table  
Béclan Black Wine P2010
Bez el-Anza White Table P2010
Bianchetta trevigiana Wine  
Biancolella White Wine P2010
Biancu Gentile White Wine  
Bidaneh White Raisin,Table P2010
Bien Donne White Table  
Big Pete White Raisin P2010
Black Beet Black Table P2010
Black Corinth Black Wine, table, raisin P2010
Black Emerald Black Table  
Black Seedless Black Table P2010
Black Spanish Black Wine, Jelly, Juice, Tabl... P2010
Blackrose Black Table  
Blanc du Bois White Table,Wine P2010
Blauer Portugieser Black Wine, table  
Bluebell Blue-Black Jelly,Juice,Table P2010
Blush Seedless Red Table  
Boerner Rootstock P2010
Bon noir Black Wine P2010
Bonarda Black Wine P2010
Bourboulenc Blanc Wine P2010
Brachetto Black Wine P2010
Brianna White Table,Wine P2010
Bronx Seedless Red Table, 8-raisin  
Bruce's Sport White Table P2010
Burger White Wine  
Burgrave Red Table, raisin  
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Cabernet Dorsa Black Wine P2010
Cabernet franc Black Wine P2010
Cabernet Sauvignon Black Wine P2010
Cabernet Volos Black Wine P2010
Caladoc Black Wine  
Calmeria White Table, raisin P2010
Calzin Black Wine, table, raisin  
Canner White Canning  
Caprettone White Wine P2010
Cardinal Red Table  
Carignane Black Wine P2010
Carina Black Raisin,Wine  
Carmenère Black Wine P2010
Carmine Black Wine  
Carnelian Black Wine  
Casculho Black Wine P2010
Casetta Black Wine P2010
Castel 188-15 Black Rootstock  
Castelã Black Wine P2010
Castelão Black Table,Wine P2010
Catarratto White Wine P2010
Catawba Red Table, wine  
Cayuga White White Wine P2010
Centennial Seedless White Table, raisin  
Centurion Black Wine  
Chambourcin Black Wine P2010
Champanel Black Jelly,Rootstock  
Chancellor Black Wine P2010
Charbono Black Wine P2010
Chardonel White Wine P2010
Chardonnay White Wine P2010
Chardonnay 4x Wine  
Chasselas doré White Wine, table  
Chelois Black Wine P2010
Chenin blanc White Wine P2010
Chimenti Globe Dark red Table P2010
Christmas Rose Red Table  
Ciliegiolo Red Table,Wine  
Cinsaut Black Raisin,Table,Wine P2010
Clairette blanche White Table,Wine P2010
Colombard White Table,Wine P2010
Concieira Rouge Wine P2010
Concord Black Canning,Juice,Table,Wine P2010
Cornifesto Black Wine P2010
Corot noir Black Wine P2010
Cortese White Wine P2010
Corvina Veronese Black Wine  
Cosmo 10 Black Rootstock  
Cosmo 2 Black Rootstock  
Cot Black Table,Wine P2010
Couderc 1202 Black Rootstock  
Couderc 1613 Black Rootstock  
Couderc 161-49 Black Rootstock  
Couderc 1616 Black Rootstock P2010
Couderc 1616E Black Rootstock  
Couderc 241-123 Black Wine P2010
Couderc 3306 Rootstock  
Couderc 3309 Rootstock P2010
Counoise Black Table,Wine P2010
Courbu blanc White Wine P2010
Crimson Pearl Black Wine P2010
Crimson Seedless Red Table P2010
Croatina Black Wine P2010
Cserszegi Fűszeres White Wine P2010
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Dakapo P2010
Dattier White Raisin,Table  
Dattier de St. Vallier White Table P2010
Dawn Seedless White Table  
Debit White Wine P2010
DeChaunac Black Wine P2010
Delaware Red or dark pin... Table, Wine P2010
Delight White Table, raisin  
Demko 10-17A Rootstock P2010
Diamond White Wine, table P2010
Diamond Muscat White Raisin  
Dizmar White Table  
Dobričić Black Wine P2010
Dog Ridge Black Rootstock P2010
Dolcetto Black Wine P2010
Dondghlabi White Wine, juice, table P2010
Donzillinho Black Wine P2010
Doradillo White Wine P2010
Dornfelder Black Table,Wine P2010
DOVine White Raisin  
Dunkelfelder Black Wine P2010
Dunstan #2 Red Table,Wine P2010
Durif Black Table,Wine P2010
Dutchess White Table,Wine  
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Early Burgundy Black Wine  
Early Muscat White Table, wine  
Edelweiss White Jelly,Juice,Table,Wine P2010
Ederena Red Wine  
Ehrenfelser White Wine P2010
Elbling White Wine P2010
Elvira White Wine P2010
Emerald Riesling White Wine  
Emerald Seedless White Table, raisin  
Emir White Table,Wine P2010
Emperor Red Wine, table  
Erbaluce White Wine P2010
Esparte Black Wine P2010
Etoile I Black Wine P2010
EVEX 13-5 Rootstock,Table  
Excelsior Guilly White Wine P2010
Exotic Black Table  
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Falanghina White Wine P2010
Fantasy Seedless Black Table  
Fay Rouge Black Wine  
Feher Szagos White Wine P2010
Fer Black Wine  
Fercal Black Rootstock  
Ferdinand de Lesseps White Table,Wine  
Fernão Pires White Wine, table P2010
Feteasca alba White Wine  
Fiano White Wine P2010
Fiesta White Table, raisin P2010
Fileri Black Table,Wine P2010
Flame Seedless Red Table P2010
Flame Tokay Red Wine, table P2010
Fleurtai P2010
Flora Pink Wine  
Florilush Black Rootstock P2010
Foex 333 EM Rootstock  
Fokiano Black Wine, table P2010
Folle blanche White Wine P2010
Forastera White Wine  
Fredonia Black Jelly,Juice,Table, Wine P2010
Freedom Black Rootstock P2010
Freisa Black Wine  
Frontenac Black Wine P2010
Frontenac blanc White Wine P2010
Frontenac gris Grey Wine P2010
Fujiminori Black Table P2010
Furmint White Wine  
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Gamaret Black Wine P2010
Gamay noir Black Wine P2010
Ganzin 1 Rootstock  
Garanoir Black Wine P2010
Garganega White Table,Wine  
Garnacha gris Grey Wine P2010
Garnacha tinta Black Wine P2010
Garonnet Black Wine  
Gasconade Black Wine, table, juice  
Geneva Red Black Wine P2010
Gewürztraminer Pink Wine P2010
Gielie's Pride Table  
Glavinuša Black Wine P2010
Glennel White Wine  
Godello white Wine P2010
Gold White Wine, table  
Gold Finger White Table P2010
Gorby Red Table P2010
Goron de Bovernier Black Wine P2010
Gouais blanc White Wine P2010
Gouveio White Wine P2010
Goyura White Table,Wine P2010
Graciano Black Wine P2010
Grand noir Black Wine  
Gravesac Rootstock  
Greco di Tufo White Wine P2010
Green Hungarian White Table,Wine  
Grenache blanc P2010
Grenache noir Black Wine P2010
Grignolino Black Wine P2010
Grillo White Wine P2010
Gros Manseng White Wine P2010
Grüner Veltliner White Wine P2010
Gulabi Rouge Table P2010
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Harmony Black Rootstock P2010
Harna-Grna P2010
Hárslevelű White Table,Wine P2010
Helena White Wine P2010
Herbemont Black Table,Wine P2010
Himrod White Table  
Hochberg 48 Rootstock  
Hungarian Riesling White Wine  
Hunisa White Table  
Husseine White Table grape  
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
IAC 572 Rootstock P2010
Isabella Black Wine, table  
Italia White Wine, table  
Itchkimar Rouge Table  
Ives Blue-black Jelly,Juice,Wine P2010
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Juan García Black Wine P2010
July Muscat White Table  
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Kadarka Black Wine P2010
Kahraba Table P2010
Kakhet Black Wine P2010
Kamenina Black Wine P2010
Kandhara White Table  
Kartlis Tita White Table,Wine P2010
Kerner White Wine P2010
Khatun Khardzhi White Wine P2010
Khindogni Black Wine P2010
Kidonitsa White Wine P2010
Kingfisher Rootstock P2010
Kishmish Vatkana Black Raisin,Table P2010
Kober 125AA Black Rootstock P2010
Kober 5BB Black Rootstock P2010
Kondori Table P2010
Korona White Wine P2010
Koshu Rose Table P2010
Kozma 55 Black Wine P2010
Kyoho Black Table  
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
La Crescent White Wine P2010
Lagorthi White Wine P2010
Lagrein Black Wine P2010
Lambrusca di Alessandria Black Wine P2010
Landot noir Black Wine P2010
Laurot Black Wine P2010
Léon Milot Black Juice,Wine P2010
Limberger Black Table,Wine P2010
Limnio Black Wine P2010
Limniona Black Wine P2010
LN33 White Indicator plant for viru... P2010
Lomanto Black Jelly,Juice,Table,Wine P2010
Loose Perlette White Table, raisin  
Louise Swenson White Wine P2010
Loureiro White Wine  
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Macabeo White Wine  
Malaga White Table P2010
Malagouzia White Wine P2010
Malbec Black Table,Wine P2010
Malègue 44-53 Rootstock P2010
Malvasia bianca White Table,Wine P2010
Malvasia Dubrovacka White Wine P2010
Malvasia fina White Wine  
Malvasia Preta Black Wine P2010
Manseng Black Wine  
Mantuo de Pilas White Table,Wine P2010
Maréchal Foch Black Wine P2010
Marquette Black Wine P2010
Marquis White Table  
Mars Black Table P2010
Marsanne White Wine P2010
Marselan Black Wine P2010
Marufo Black Wine P2010
Marzemino Black Wine P2010
Matador Rootstock P2010
Mataró Wine P2010
Mavrodaphne Black Wine P2010
Mavron Black Wine P2010
Maxine Rouge Black Wine  
Mazuela black Wine P2010
Mehdi White Table P2010
Melody White Wine  
Melon White Wine P2010
Mencía Black Wine P2010
Merlot Black Wine P2010
Merlot Kanthus Black Wine P2010
Meunier Black Wine  
Millardet et de Grasset 101-14 Black Rootstock P2010
Millardet et de Grasset 219A Black Rootstock  
Millardet et de Grasset 41B Black Rootstock  
Millardet et de Grasset 420A Rootstock P2010
Minotaur Rootstock P2010
MissBlanc White Wine P2010
Mission Black Wine P2010
Molinara Black Wine P2010
Molinera Red Table  
Mondeuse Black Wine  
Montepulciano Black Wine P2010
Monukka Black Table, raisin  
Moreto Black Wine  
Morrastel Wine P2010
Mortensen Hardy Golden (light) ... Table P2010
Moscato giallo White Wine P2010
Moschofilero Red or deep pin... Wine P2010
Mourisco de Semente Black Wine  
Mourtaou Black Wine P2010
Mourvèdre Black Wine P2010
Muller Thurgau White Wine, juice P2010
Muscadelle White Wine  
Muscadelle du Bordelais White Wine P2010
Muscardin Black Wine P2010
Muscat blanc White Table,Wine P2010
Muscat Hamburg Black Table,Wine P2010
Muscat Hamburg 4x  
Muscat of Alexandria White Raisin,Table,Wine P2010
Muscat Ottonel White Wine, table P2010
Muscat St. Vallier White Table  
Muxtari black or rouge Table,Wine P2010
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Nagano Purple Black Table P2010
Nail Light red Table P2010
Nakachevanin Gara Kishmishi Black Table P2010
Nebbiolo Black Wine P2010
Négrette Black Wine P2010
Negrita P2010
Negro Amaro Black Wine P2010
Nehelescol White Table P2010
Nero d'Avola Black Wine P2010
New York Muscat Black Wine, table  
Niabell Black Wine, table, juice  
Niagara White Juice,Table,Wine  
Nielluccio Black Wine  
Noiret Black Wine P2010
Norton Black Wine P2010
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
O39-16 Rootstock P2010
O43-43 Rootstock  
Odem Red Table  
Ojaleshi Black Table,Wine  
Ontario White Wine, table  
Oppenheim #4 Rootstock P2010
Orange Muscat White Wine, table P2010
Oraniensteiner White Wine  
Orion White Wine P2010
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Palomino White Wine, table  
Parellada White Wine P2010
Paulsen 1045 Rootstock  
Paulsen 1103 Rootstock P2010
Pedro Ximénez White Wine  
Péloursin Black Wine P2010
Perera White Wine  
Periquita Black Table,Wine P2010
Perlette White Raisin,Table P2010
Petit Bouschet Black Wine P2010
Petit Manseng White Wine P2010
Petit Verdot Black Wine P2010
Peverella White Wine  
Phoenix White Wine P2010
Picardan White Wine P2010
Picolit White Wine  
Picpoul blanc White Wine P2010
Piedirosso Black Wine P2010
Pierce Black Table  
Pignolo Black Wine P2010
Pinot blanc White Wine P2010
Pinot gris Grey Wine P2010
Pinot Meunier Black Wine P2010
Pinot noir Black Wine P2010
Pinot noir Précoce Black Table,Wine  
Pinotage Black Wine  
Pione Black Table P2010
Piquepoul blanc White Wine P2010
Pishik Uzumu White Wine P2010
Pixie Black P2010
Plavac mali Black Wine P2010
Plavina Red Wine P2010
PN40024 P2010
Pošip bijeli White Wine P2010
Prieto Picudo Black Wine P2010
Primitivo Black Wine P2010
Princess White Table P2010
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Queen Red Table  
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Raboso Piave Black Wine P2010
Ramming C51-63 Red Table P2010
Räuschling White Wine  
Red Veltliner Red Wine  
Redglobe Red Table P2010
Refosco Black Wine P2010
Regent Black Wine P2010
Ribier Black Table  
Ribolla gialla White Wine P2010
Richter 110 Rootstock P2010
Richter 99 Black Rootstock P2010
Richter 99 Prosperi Super Rootstock  
Riesling White Wine P2010
Riesling Italico White Wine P2010
Riesling renano White Wine P2010
Riparia 1G Rootstock P2010
Riparia Gloire Rootstock P2010
Rkatsiteli White Wine P2010
Rodítis White with pink... Table,Wine P2010
Roger's Red Jelly,Wine P2010
Romulus White Table  
Rondinella Black Wine  
Rossiola Black Wine P2010
Rotberger Black Wine P2010
Rotgipfler White Wine  
Rougett Black Wine  
Roussanne White Wine P2010
Royalty Black Wine  
RS-3 Rootstock P2010
RS-9 Rootstock P2010
Rubin Tairovskii Black Wine P2010
Rubired Black Juice,Wine P2010
Ruby Cabernet Black Wine P2010
Ruby Seedless Red Table P2010
Ruchè Black Wine  
Rufete Black Wine P2010
Ruggeri 140 Rootstock P2010
Ruggeri 225 Rootstock  
Rukatac White Wine P2010
Russian Seedless Black Table P2010
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Sabal kanskoi Red Table,Wine  
Sagrantino Wine P2010
Saint Émilion White Wine  
Saint Macaire Black Wine P2010
Salt Creek Black Rootstock P2010
Salvador Red Wine, juice  
Sangiovese Black Wine P2010
Sansigot Black Wine P2010
Santa Paula  
Saperavi Black Table,Wine P2010
Saperavi Budeshuriseburi Black Wine P2010
Sauvignon blanc White Wine P2010
Sauvignon gris Grey Wine P2010
Sauvignon Kretos White Wine P2010
Sauvignon Rytos White Wine P2010
Sauvignon vert White Wine  
Savagnin blanc White Wine  
Savatiano White Wine P2010
Scarlet Black Wine, juice  
Scarlet Royal Red Table P2010
Schiava grossa Black Table,Wine P2010
Schioppettino Black Wine P2010
Schuyler Blue Table  
Schwarzmann Rootstock P2010
Seedless Tokay White Table  
Ségalin Black Wine P2010
Selma Pete White Raisin P2010
Semebat Black Wine  
Sémillon White Wine, table P2010
Seneca White Table  
Seto Giants P2010
Seyval blanc White Wine P2010
Shahani P2010
Shiraz Black Wine P2010
Siegerrebe Pink Table,Wine P2010
Sklava White Wine P2010
Skrlet White Wine P2010
Slankamenka White Wine  
Soreli P2010
Sorisil Rootstock P2010
Souzão Black Wine P2010
St. Croix Black Juice,Table,Wine P2010
St. George Rootstock P2010
St. Laurent Black Wine P2010
St. Pepin White Table,Wine P2010
Steuben Black Juice,Table,Wine P2010
Suavis Red Table, wine  
Sultana moscata White Table  
Sultanina White Table, wine and raisin P2010
Summer Muscat White Raisin  
Summer Royal Black Table P2010
Sunbelt Black Jelly,Juice P2010
Swenson Red Red Table,Wine P2010
Sylvaner White Wine P2010
Symphony White Wine P2010
Syrah Black Wine P2010
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
T. P. 1-1-12 Wine P2010
Talibi Rose Table P2010
Taminga White Table,Wine  
Tamnara Black Table P2010
Tampa Black Rootstock P2010
Tannat Black Wine P2010
Tarrango Black Table,Wine  
Tauberschwarz Black Wine P2010
Teleki 5C Rootstock P2010
Teleki 8B Black Rootstock P2010
Tempranillo Black Table,Wine P2010
Tempranillo blanco White Wine P2010
Teroldego Black Wine P2010
Terret noir Black Wine P2010
Thiakon White Wine P2010
Thomcord Black Table P2010
Thompson Seedless White Concentrate,Raisin,Table... P2010
Thomuscat White Table  
Timorasso White Wine, table P2010
Tinta Amarella Black Wine P2010
Tinta Bairrada Black Wine P2010
Tinta Barroca Black Wine P2010
Tinta Caiada Black Wine P2010
Tinta Carvalha Black Wine  
Tinta Francisca Black Wine  
Tinta Madeira Black Wine P2010
Tinta Roriz Black Table,Wine  
Tinto Cão Black Table,Wine P2010
Tinto Sem Nome Black Wine  
Tocai Friulano White Wine  
Torrontés Riojano White Wine P2010
Touriga Brasileira Black Wine  
Touriga Franca Black Wine P2010
Touriga Nacional Black Wine P2010
Traminer White Wine  
Traminette White Wine P2010
Trebbiano Toscano White Wine P2010
Trincadeira Black Wine P2010
Triplett 181-7A White Wine  
Triplett 30-47 Black Table,Wine P2010
Triplett blanc White Concentrate,Wine P2010
Triplett F1-16 Black Wine P2010
Triplett F3-3 Black Wine P2010
Triplett F3-5 Black Wine  
Triplett T182-4 White Table,Wine P2010
Triplett T194-1 Black Wine  
Triplett T213-19 Black Table,Wine  
Triplett T61-13 Black Wine P2010
Triplett T793-1 Black Wine  
Trousseau Black Wine P2010
Trousseau gris Grey Wine P2010
Tulillah White Wine P2010
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
UCD GRN-1 ™ Rootstock P2010
UCD GRN-2 ™ Rootstock P2010
UCD GRN-3 ™ Rootstock P2010
UCD GRN-4 ™ Rootstock P2010
UCD GRN-5 ™ Rootstock P2010
Ugni blanc White Wine  
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Vaccarèse Black Wine P2010
Valdepeñas Black Table,Wine  
Valdiguié Black Wine  
Valley Pearl White Table P2010
Valvin Muscat White Wine  
Verdejo White Wine P2010
Verdelho White Wine P2010
Vermentino White Table,Wine P2010
Vernaccia nera Black Table,Wine  
Verona Black Wine P2010
Vertzami Black Wine and table P2010
Vespaiola White Wine P2010
Vespolina Black Wine P2010
Victoria Red Bright red Table,Wine P2010
Vidal blanc White Wine P2010
Vidiano White Wine P2010
Vignoles White Wine  
Villard blanc White Table,Wine P2010
Vinhão Black Wine  
Vintinto Black Wine P2010
Viognier White Wine P2010
Viosinho White Wine P2010
Vitis Rupestris Constantia Rootstock  
Viura White Wine  
Voskeat White Wine, table P2010
Vranac Black Wine P2010
Vugava White Wine P2010
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Xarel.lo White Wine P2010
Xinomavro Black Wine P2010
Xynisteri White Wine P2010
  Variety Berry Color Uses P2010
Zalema White Wine P2010
Zalxa Black Wine P2010
Zeini White Table P2010
Zinfandel Black Wine P2010
Zlahtina White Wine P2010
Zweigelt Black Wine P2010